A Bride’s Wedding Kicks

Back in July, I was on the hunt for my fiancé’s wedding shoes. We went to every boutique store into town until she found ‘The One’.

I on the other hand found the ’boyfriend’ couch which resulted with some time and this photo. I sat there thinking how my midnight navy suit would go swell with the Air Jordan 4 ‘Dunk From Above’.

It didn’t happen, but damn these are snug.
Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, I saved the best for last . . . . 

Samuel Goh Photography - Ben + Eileen-148.jpg
‘The One’

Samuel Goh Photography - Ben + Eileen-37.jpg
‘Seraphina Crystal’ by Sophia Webster (essentially an Air Jordan 3 Black Cement!)
The ‘Seraphina Crystal’ was shot by the genius eye of samuelgoh.com

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