Die Die Must Play

There aren’t many uncrowded, free to use indoor courts that I know of. Or at least the ones that my hoop group could conveniently gather to play at.

Our old stompin’ ground used to be the in/out of The Pinnacle – all thanks to Esmond; a buddy of mine affectionately known as ‘The Commissioner’ for organising these weekly frantic yet awesome ball games.

Our busy schedules did not allow for any time wasting. The collective attitude? ‘We ball. Rain or shine’.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-21 at 5.36.29 PM.jpeg
Life hack: Old newspapers mightier than the mop.

Everyone chips in. This time out we took from our wives, kids and responsibilities as a whole; was to play out our NBA dreams once a week…swiftly followed by (some of us) dropping dead in the process. Cramping up was a weekly special for me despite the compressors and measured warm ups. I may be sprightly, but no match for younglings these days with killer crossovers.

Speaking of chipping in, back in the day, using old newspapers to dry the court was hella useful and fun to boot. That was an early life hack back in the 80s. It was inexpensive, quick and everyone got their hands dirty; all for the chance of coming together to play ball.

That’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

Outside The Pinnacle – Up your ‘Ah-bengness or Get out’.

Anyone wanna play? I still got gas in these legs.
And cramps, definitely cramps.

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