Roots, Humility and Greatness


Nike KD VI ‘Floral’ – The most comfortable sneaker in my collection.
Least we forget.

Like his heartfelt speech, there are 3 great acknowledgements that remind me of the Nike KD VI ‘Floral’.

Know Your Roots: ‘Grandma’s vintage sofa’ – cloth based upper fitting
At the beginning and tail end of his 26-min speech, Durant stresses on the infinite struggles growing up and the sacrifices his mother had to make for his family to survive.

It is with this strife filled past; that has moulded his work ethic and mental toughness setting the tone for liking this release so much.

A Kind Humility: Like putting on two pillows – double tongue x air bag cushion support features
KD did not get to this point on his own and he knows it. He highlights everyone who believed in him and thanks them profusely for their part in transforming him and his game; with a mix endearing and laugh-out-loud anecdotes. 

If you’ve been following the internet up till now but never watched basketball; Yes. Kevin Durant’s mum has always been the real MVP.

The Balance for Greatness: Walking contradiction – flower power and a cold surface
With its soft paisley patterns on the body and hints of a jagged icy sole; the shoe delivers the very heart of KD: The antithesis of tough and tenderness rolled into one. Strong and kind.

*Nostalgia bonus: there’s a lightning-fork shaped stitch-finish on both heels. Which is  a gentle reminder that he’s with the GSW today.

Ok lah, KD is not THAT nice.

I believe I can….levitate.
All photography by @JuanChan in an exhilarating collaboration. Check out his IG page.



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