The radio was playing while we thought about this next post featuring a few pairs we copped today. It was going to be about pink’s twist in fashion, but we were wildly interrupted (fortuitously) by a Singapore band on the air – bat outta hell style, a song came blasting through creaky old speakers; angry guitar, pounding nostalgia…and it reminded us of battles both petty and slight that many of us face daily.

It pretty much summed up a determined kind of celebration for us at 2:03 in the morning and it went like this:

“We’re not out, we’re not in. We’re not comfortable – We just don’t fit in!”Plainsunset.

Goodnight, this goes out to everyone fighting the good pink fight.

xoxo s/a.

*Big ups to the patient folks at Limited Edition (Chambers and Vault) + Shiquan via Carousell for being real.

In the spirit of diversity, here are our top Friday mentions:

Photo 1-8-17, 9 38 24 AM
Puma x Staple “High Rise / Glacier Grey
File 4-8-17, 1 22 22 AM
Air Jordan 1 “Valentine’s Day”
New Balance’s 110th Anniversary x PHANTACi
Nike Kobe X Elite Low “Mambacurial”

Photo credit: juanclickwonders
1. New Balance’s 110th Anniversary x PHANTACi
2. Nike Kobe X Elite Low “Mambacurial”

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