SLAM DUNK (Manga) – 1996 Art Book

[Actual Archives]: Kept in good condition for the past 24 years. This is the OG hardcover Slam Dunk art book from 1996 – a trove of original artwork and material illustrated by Inoue Takehiko. It is one of Japan’s best selling sports manga (and anime) series that helped spread basketball’s influence in Asia; and eventually breathed life into the Air Jordan 6 ‘Slam Dunk’ that we know today.

Photo 7-5-20, 14 45 32

Photo 7-5-20, 14 53 42
Original hardcover art book (1996) and Miyagi ❤ Ayoko jerseys.
Photo 7-5-20, 15 04 19
Shohoku High School vs. Kainan University Affiliated High School
Photo 7-5-20, 15 05 47
Shohoku High School vs. Ryonan High School


Photo 7-5-20, 15 13 20
Ryota Miyagi #7 with Hanamichi Sakuragi #10 (Kaede Rukawa #11, White)

Photo 7-5-20, 14 58 46Photo 7-5-20, 15 09 00


Air Jordan 6 ‘SLAM DUNK’
….with the limited edition SLAM DUNK DVD Japanese Box Set.

All ‘SLAM DUNK’ art and illustrations by the one and only Inoue Takehiko


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